I stared in disbelief. “You’re god?” There was no way.
“I don’t know,” the child responded.
“How do you not know if you’re god or not?” This had to be some kind of joke.
“I told you,” the boy said, “Yahweh is what my dad called me. Why is it that every time someone comes here they never believe me?” I was surprised to hear a bit of sadness and frustration creep into his voice.
“I mean, I’m sure the Bible has something to do with it.”
“I don’t even know what that is!” The child screamed. Although we were in a void, everything shook around us.
I waved my hands in an attempt to calm the kid. “It’s one of the most important holy books on Earth! It laid the entire groundwork for an entire hemisphere of civilization!”
“Okay,” he responded, “and how am I responsible for that?”
“In the book it says you created all life in the universe, that you created humans, and guided us throughout history.” Ironically, I was praying that what I was saying would ring some kind of bell.
“Earth? You mean that?” He pointed at a small globe that I would have sworn wasn’t there before. I made my way over to it and, sure enough, it was a perfect replica of Earth. It even looked like it had a weather system, day/night cycle, everything.
“Yes, like this except bigger. The real Earth has billions of people living on it.” I felt relief knowing I would be able to get somewhere.
“This has people. See?” The kid walked over and placed his hands over the planet. It seemed to zoom in and focus on what appeared to be London, and once it settled we could see people going about their everyday lives. “Father made this for me, he said it was mine to do with as I saw fit.”
“You’re dad made this for you?” My mind couldn’t process what the father of God was like if this was God.
“Yup. He made it for my third birthday. I got bored with it a couple of years ago and haven’t really played with a lot though.” I couldn’t believe it. I had to have gone crazy in my dying moments and this was all some weird final dream as my brain tried to make sense of everything. “Are you okay, mister?”
“I honestly don’t know,” was all I could muster.
“Well, if you want you can go talk to dad. He’s through that door,” the child pointed at a door that wasn’t there a moment ago. “I’m going to go play with the others. Bye!” With that the child faded away. With nowhere else to go, I reached out to open the door, my hand trembling at the thought of what was on the other side.